Welcome to the wacky, mixed up world of Mutasia, a place that inspires creativity and self-discovery in children of all ages. As mixed up mixes of every animal imaginable, each inhabitant of Mutasia is a unique individual; and through them, we can all learn to embrace what makes us different. Children of every age will laugh and sing as the Mutasian adventures come to life through a series of colorful books, animation, plush toys and music.






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Figley vs. the Mookling Hat Figley's Little White Lies Figley's Search for the Perfect Pet Figley's New Favorite Food Clubhouse Clash

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Join Figley and his friends on their adventures in our picture and chapter books

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Figley (Possum-Cow-Finch) Meowzer (Lizard-Cat) Happy Nib (Piranha-Mouse-Spider) Rhumbler (Rhinoceros-Beaver-Bumble Bee) Billie Twinklecorn (Penguin-Leopard-Narwhal)

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Bring home and cuddle up with your favorite Mutasian

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