Welcome to Mutasia

Somewhere far away, in the uncharted realms of the ocean, lies the mysterious island of Mutasia. As one of the few unexplored places left on Earth, Mutasia is home to a previously unknown collection of wildlife, unique to the island. The inhabitants are called Mutasians and are mixed-up mixes of every type of animal imaginable. As you explore the island,  you’ll discover that they're a lot more like you than you’d  think!


The hustle-bustle city of Mutropolis sits perched upon a misty hill, and its inhabitants are always on the go! There’s always something to do: enjoy the musical stylings of Julio and Billie’s garage band; shoot hoops with Trixie Dillo; or meet up with friends at Pukini’s Diner for a slimy Snog-burger!

Tree Village

High above the forest floor of the Mutasian Jungle hangs the ancient Tree Village of Mutasia. This tribal community is home to some of the island’s most adventurous inhabitants. If you manage to climb your way through the thick jungle canopy, you’ll find Zabetta and her best friend, Chadwick, swinging through the trees and dodging hungry beasts. There’s danger and adventure around every corner. 


The deep, dark, smelly swamps of Mutasia’s Boglands are some of the most dangerous areas on the island; and home to some of the most deadly creatures. It takes a very special type of Mutasian to live in the Boglands, because you never know what… or who… is lurking beneath the murky waters!

Jiggle Beach

Mutasia is home to some of the world’s most colorful beaches, including the beautiful Jiggle Beach on the south shore. And don’t forget Wiggle Beach out west, Squiggle Beach out east, and Giggle Beach in the north. There’s no better place to catch some Shribs or watch herds of Squonks jumping through the crashing waves. But make sure to rub some sunscreen on your fur, because it can get HOT down here!