Pugapillar (Pug - Caterpillar)
Pugapillar (Pug - Caterpillar)

Pugapillar (Pug - Caterpillar)

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Meet a Pugapillar

This cute and loveable pug-caterpillar mix melts the hearts of kids and grown-ups alike! Take home and snuggle with a Pugapillar today!

Pugapillars are featured in Mutasia's award-winning books. 

More About Mutasia

Welcome to the wacky, mixed up world of Mutasia, a place that inspires creativity and self-discovery in children of all ages. As mixed up mixes of every animal imaginable, each inhabitant of Mutasia is a unique individual; and through them, we can all learn to embrace what makes us different. Children of every age will laugh and sing as the Mutasian adventures come to life through a series of colorful books, animation, plush toys and music.

At Mutasia, we take pride in crafting high-quality products that stand the test of time. Our stuffed animals are made to withstand countless bedtime cuddles and playtime adventures. We're a brand trusted by parents and grandparents alike, ensuring your peace of mind.

Mutasian stuffed animals make the perfect gift for any occasion. Order now and bring home a touch of magic!

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