Figley vs. the Mookling Hat

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On the island of Mutasia, where everyone is a mixed-up mix of two or more different animals, being one-of-a-kind is just a way of life. But a funky, new fashion craze is sweeping the island, and everyone looks the same. Mutasians are wearing moose-duck hats on their heads and calling them “Mookling Hats.” Figley is the only kid without one, and doesn’t feel like he fits in anymore. He tries as hard as he can to look like everybody else, but when he meets a little squonk (donkey-squid), everything changes. Maybe instead of blending in with the crowd, he could… STAND OUT! 

Additional Information

Written by: Suzanne Cotsakos and Ryan McCulloch
Illustrated by: Ryan McCulloch
11” by 11”
48 pages
48 full page color illustrations

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