The Mish Mash Bash

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 The Mish Mash Bash Trailer

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The island of Mutasia is being overrun by pesky nibs, hungry little critters that are part mouse, part piranha, and part spider. Figley must help his friends catch all of the nibs before they destroy this year's Mish Mash Bash, but it won't be easy.  Mutasia: The Mish Mash Bash is a journey full of fun and adventure that the whole family can enjoy!


Additional Information

Director: Guy Ben Shetrit
Executive Producers: Christos Cotsakos, Suzanne Cotsakos, Tami Cotsakos, Uri Shinar, Ran Stutzen 
Cast: Rob Broadhurst (Julio Habañero and Flavian), Christine Busler (Rhumbler), Suzanne Cotsakos (Figley), Brianna McCulloch (Zabetta), Ryan McCulloch (Chadwick) 
Composer: Robert Litton 
Original Music: Rob Broadhurst 
Run time: 22 mins, 56 secs 
DVD Format: Region 1 
Extra features: Trailer

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